Staff & Strata

Paul (Pawel) Swolkien

Paul is Windsor’s full-time stable manager. He has extensive barn management experience and a great depth of knowledge of equine care. He can be contacted on-site Monday through Friday, from 7 AM to 12 PM and 3:30 to 5:30 PM or by phone or text at 604-996-0746.

Paul resides on site, and closes up the barns by 10 PM each night. While closing, he performs the final hay feed and safety checks of each horse.

Windsor Stables Strata Council
Windsor Stables is owned and operated by individual stall owners and residential home owners. The owners are represented by the Strata Council.

2018 Membership:
Jane Remocker (President)
Wendy Porten (Residential representative)
Chris Wyatt (Treasurer)
Linda Templeton (Secretary)
Carolyn Stewart (member)
Kathy Kolb (boarder rep)
Sue Eyford (boarder rep)

Pest Control Specialist
As well as taking care of the mice in the barns, Indie the barn cat is always willing to say hello and share some love.

Barn Cat