All riders in the Southlands neighbourhood, including those who work or ride at Windsor Stables, are required to purchase a membership from Horse Council BC (HCBC). Membership provides insurance to maintain the safety of all active riders and horses.

HCBC also provides certification for instructors and coaches. HCBC certified coaches are experienced in First Aid and have withstood rigorous evaluation through both the Equestrian Canada Rider Levels Program and HCBC’s own assessment criteria. All coaches authorised to teach at the Southlands Riding Club must be HCBC certified, and many of the coaches approved to teach at Windsor Stables possess and maintain certification as well. For more details about instructors available to teach at Windsor or in Southlands, please click here.

Visit HCBC’s website for further information about personal insurance, certified instructors, events in BC’s equine community, and more. You can also open an account and easily purchase or renew membership for yourself or your family online.

Photo courtesy of Dex Horton Photography